How expensive are dental implants in Turkey?

Dental Implants

Overview: Average costs of dental implants in Turkey

Travelling to Turkey for dental implants is a hot topic nowadays. Turkey stands out with its healthcare industry, quality and the thriving sector of health tourism. Most of the patients who prefer Turkey for getting our dental implants consider the cost of the treatment which is less than half when compared to Western European countries and the US. In this article we will cover the average costs of dental implants (and dental implant treatments) in Turkey, moreover explore the facts behind this affordability.

Average costs of dental implants varies between 0000 to 0000 dollars in Turkey, depending on the brand, quantity and the pricing policy of your healthcare supplier. You can make the choice between various implant brands following our guide on the differences between implant brands. The prices of dental implants tend to stay stable for most of the patients, yet the cost of the operation can drastically vary from patient to patient. The main reason behind this is that every adequate dental implant operation requires a personalized treatment plan (in accordance to patients wants and needs), thus possessing numerous factors (sinus lifting, bone augmentation etc.) which can affect the total costs of the treatment. Also keep in mind that the material and the quality of the crowns which will be placed on top of dental implants will affect the quality of dental implants you will get in Turkey, and thus the cost of the treatment.

Different types of implant operations and their prices in Turkey

There are different types of dental implant operations, which could be operated on the patient in accordance to their medical necessities and availability. Under this topic, we will explore different implant methods and operations with their average price estimations in Turkey, which could be implemented in your treatment to achieve reliable and long lasting results.

All on 4 Dental Implants

All on 4 dental implant treatments technique is used to construct a full jaw of teeth by only inserting 4 dental implants into the jawbone. These four implants act as a foundation to support the artificial teeth that will be placed to the jaw. The All On 4 approach doesn't need as much bone density to support the implant as other implant procedures require, thus it could be suitable for the patients who are facing problems regarding bone density.

Average cost of an All on 4 Dental Implant procedure varies between 0000 to 0000 dollars in Turkey, including the implant costs and operation prices. Additional procedures like sinus lifting or ridge expansion may be required (depending on your surgeons evaluation) if so, their prices will be added separately.

All on 6 Dental Implants

Applied with the same technique as all on 4, All on 6 dental implant procedure involves the inserting of 6 dental implants to one jaw to compose a solid support for the artificial teeth. The All on 6 Procedure cost about 0000 dollars in Turkey, nevertheless the price can vary depending on the surgeons fee, prices of implants etc.

Full Mouth Dental Implants

Full mouth dental implant procedure involves restoration of the whole mouth by using dental implants. Total number of implants that will be placed usually varies between 8 to 16, which will be decided by the dentists comprehensive evaluation of the mouth. The price for full mouth dental implant treatments can greatly vary depending on the patient, thus it would be more reasonable to contact your healthcare professionals for an accurate price.

Mini Implants

As an option for the people who are unable to get conventional dental implants, mini implants stand out as a reliable and permanent option. With implants which are reduced in size and diameter, almost 30 to 50 less than the traditional options, mini implants are inserted into patients jaws and have facilities to support multiple teeth. Nevertheless they are not suitable for total replacement of one jaw or both. Average price for a mini implant surgery in Turkey costs about 0000, yet it would be best to contact your healthcare professional for a more accurate price.

Sinus Lifting

Sinus lifting procedure, also known as sinus augmentation, is implemented to aid the placement of dental implants. Some patients who lack the required bone support for the dental implants might need sinus augmentation to be suitable for the overall treatment.

As a common bone grafting technique for dental implants, sinus lifting increases the amount of bone available in the upper jaw, thus creating adequate space for an implant insertion. In Turkey, the price of a sinus lifting operation is usually between 0000 to 000 dollars.

Bone Augmentation

Bone augmentation, also known as bone grafting, is a treatment that is frequently required when the jaw's existing bone mass is insufficient to support dental implants. A bone augmentation will help so that the bone can attach to the dental implant and preserve its stability when the bone mass is too thin or fragile to hold an implant in place. The risk of a dental implant failing rises if it is positioned in the jaw where the bone structure is insufficient, thus bone grafting is critical for the patients who do not have an adequate bone mass to support dental implants. Bone augmentation operation usually costs between 000 to 000 in Turkey, including the operation costs.

Ridge Expansion

When the jaw is too narrow to accommodate implants, ridge expansion surgery can provide the solution. In the ridge expansion procedure, ridge bone is split, and the inner and outer bone portions are separated apart to create more space in the jaw. As a result, a gap between the separated bone pieces is created, which can then be filled with bone grafting, making the jaw available for the treatment. Ridge expansion operations in Turkey, costs between 000 to 000 dollar in average.

Are dental implants in Turkey more affordable?

Short answer, Yes. If you are asking are dental implants are worth it, which they are to being with, they're worth getting even more in Turkey. Getting dental implants in Turkey will cost between half and two thirds less than it is on Western European countries and the United States. Thus, enabling you to compensate for the travel and accommodation cost also still be able to save a lot! Furthermore, dental implant costs and other treatment expenses are significantly cheaper in Turkey than the other health tourism hotspots like Poland, Hungary, Romania etc. as the main reason being the currency crisis which the country has been facing through the last 5 years, with the added benefit of having a clear mind for patients with the question is it safe to have dental implants in Turkey? in mind.

Why are dental implants more affordable in Turkey?

As an emerging hotspot for health tourism, Turkey provides top-notch dental implants for the patients at much affordable costs. There are some few essential points that compose the foundation of the competitive pricing policy in Turkey. Foremost, operational expenditure in Turkey is drastically lower than in Europe and the United States, thus making the facilities profitable with lower profit margins. Moreover, as a result of the latest currency crisis in Turkey, medical institutions, healthcare workers and dentists work for much competitive fees, when compared to Western countries thus, making Turkey an attractive destination for dental health tourism. Also, competitive market and high demands for dental implants, along with governmental aids, contributes to the overall pricing policy for dental treatments in Turkey.