Brand Difference on Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Are All Dental Implants The Same? Does The Implant Brand Matter?

One of the crucial decisions to make when getting dental implants is choosing the right implant brand. With a brief research about the topic, one can notice that there are an exceeding number of implant brands, promising patients the most satisfactory results in their treatments. This situation might confuse the patient at first glance, since the offered technical qualities on dental implantation for foreigners in Turkey can be hard to comprehend or the difference between the price ranges of implant brands might not seem sensible for some patients. Under the contemporary (saturated) market conditions regarding dental implant brands, some fundamental questions might be raised concerning their quality and/ or functionality.

The primary point of discussion for the aforementioned questions would be about their efficaciousness questions such as: "Do dental implants differentiate in terms of functionality?", "Are all dental implants the same?", "To what extent does the dental implant brand matter, in the sequence of the whole treatment?" , etc. might be raised in order for an attempt to clear the fog that surrounds the topic. To provide a brief answer: Yes, QUALIFIED dental implant brands function neither more or less from each other, enabling patients to draw the inference that they are the same.

The above-mentioned statement has a critical drawback and it's crucial for the discussion regarding the subsequent question: How much does the brand matter? The drawback is that some implant brands lack the necessary accreditations, certificates, audits and technical entailment from both local and international health authorities, hence could deteriorate or permanently terminate your treatment process. When evaluated from that aspect, brand choice stands out as an essential factor concerning the dental implant treatment. It's vital for your oral health that you make an attentive choice in terms of implant brand, to not to be a subject for fraudulent activities.

Which brand of Dental Implants are the best?

In the case of dental implant brands, it wouldn't be appropriate to argue that one brand is the best. Nevertheless, there are several top-notch dental implant brands which have proved themselves in the industry that they are capable of producing high quality implant screws, suitable for the dental implant operations which you may wish to choose for the safety and the cost of your dental implants in Turkey. That being said, here are the three five dental implant brands which have proved their reliability on the medical sphere and built a credible reputation, when it comes to making dental implants. Your brand of choice should be among them to ensure that your implant treatment will be worth it.

1) Osstem

2) ITI / straumann

3) Astra

What to Look for in a Dental Implant Brand?

When choosing a dental implant brand, the first thing you should do is ensure that it's authentic. Some frauds manufacture counterfeits of top-notch implant brands and inject them on the market to achieve higher profit margins.

Dental Implant Brands to Avoid

As a deliberative patient, there are several red-flags on the implant brands/ providers that you should look out for, in order to ensure the safety of your operation. Although you should put immense emphasis on the professional exhortation, it is important to note that not all implants that surgeons recommend you are of the highest quality. You should keep that in mind to ensure the quality of your dental implants in Turkey if you wish to visit for an implant treatment. You should critically evaluate if a relatively unknown implant brand is insistently being praised to you, even in a subtle manner. Unfortunately, some healthcare providers collaborate with these "semi-legal" dental implant brands for higher profit margins. Consenting them to operate on your mouth could be detrimental for your health.

Counterfeit dental implant brands that you should be avoided under any circumstances. Usually, these type of brands came up with the same or slightly different name than the original brand. Either with bypassing some institutional inspections or confidentially supplying their product to the gray market, these brands fraudulently aims to achieve a portion of patients by using the reputation of the original company. To avoid this , you should always ask for an originality certificate for your dental implants and be sure by checking it through official channels. To sum up, as a conscious patient who gives subsequent emphasis for the well being of their smile, you should make a through evaluation on the subject of dental implant brands and make the right decision for your health.