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Getting Teeth Whitening in Turkey

Being one of the most popular destinations amongst international patients who seek to receive better treatment, Turkey stands out with its advanced healthcare system, top-notch treatments and moderate pricing policy. As a part of this ecosystem, the Turkish dental sector provides world class treatments in any sub-field of dentistry, enabling the patients to achieve their desired results in a reliable and much affordable manner. Thus, every year the number of patients who prefer Turkey for dental treatments are increasing, making Turkey a hotspot for dental tourism.

Advantages of teeth whitening in Turkey

There are a few fundamental reasons why every year thousands of patients from all over the globe visit Turkey to get teeth whitening. Primarily, the Turkish dental sector has the capacity to offer more competitive prices than Europe and US, because of the reasons such as local currency crisis, low taxes and fees, lower costs of maintenance, high competition etc. Alongside the affordable prices, with its advanced dental network and specialist dentists, Turkish facilities offer high quality dental treatments even in tight schedules, thus enabling patients to enhance their smiles by a few days of visit. Briefly, with the light of above stated reasons, getting teeth whitening in Turkey stands out as a reasonable option for the patients from all over the world, who wish to transform their smile.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure performed to bleach the shade of the patients teeth color, making them appear brighter. As a prevalent procedure in cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening utilizes some medical/chemical substances for restoring the appearance of the teeth in an effective fashion. The procedure is quick, smooth and pain-free for the patient, generally undergone by fitting a tray (mouthguard) that is filled with the whitening substance into the patients mouth. It takes approximately 30 minutes to complete a whitening session, the exact number of sessions needed and their intervals will be decided by a cosmetic dentist, depending on the shade that the patient wants and also in accordance with the situation of the patients enamel and gums.

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular treatments in the field of cosmetic dentistry, offering visible results in a short timespan. The treatment is pain free, with no prior invasive preparations required on the surface of the tooth, and can be completed in less than an hour. Teeth whitening is a quick and effective method for reversing the visible effects of the teeth discoloration, enabling the patients to smile confidently right after the treatment. The treatment removes the stains on the surface and bleaches the color of the teeth without causing any deterioration on the structure of the tooth, thus it does not possess any substantial risks for the patient to undergo. Keep in mind that the teeth whitening treatment only works on the natural teeth, hence it cannot bleach the color of dental veneers, crowns or laminates. A special kind of cleaning is performed to remove stains on the surface of artificial teeth. For more information on local practices and procedures, patients can have a look at our blog post on what to expect from teeth whitening in Turkey.

Why are my teeth discolored?

Teeth discoloration is a relatively prevalent problem, affecting a large portion of individuals in developed countries. Modern lifestyle has integrated various eating and drinking habits (and some sort of beauty standards) into our lives and some of them cause a significant discoloration of the teeth, which is perceived as ugly and unhygienic. Nevertheless, here are some major causes for the discoloration of the teeth:

• Eating and Drinking Habits
Fizzy drinks, coffee, tea, and wine alongside starchy foods possessing high amounts of carbohydrate and sugar can cause stains on the surface of the teeth.

• Lack of Oral Hygiene
Lack of regular brushing and flossing of the teeth can cause the accumulation of plaques and tartar which causes discoloration on the teeth

• Medications
Some medications could cause discoloration as a side effect such as, antihistamines, some psychotic drugs, or medications to treat hypertension

• Tobacco Use
Due to chemicals it possesses, smoking and chewing tobacco can cause a significant discoloration on the teeth in the middle/long term

Traumas and tooth grinding
Both external traumas, and grinding of the tooth could cause minimal cracks on the surface of the teeth, enabling the bacterial habitation on the teeth more easily. Furtherly, heavy traumas could cause necrosis making the teeth appear darker
• Age
Through time the outer layer of the teeth, enamel, could deteriorate and lead to a more yellowish look on the teeth


In your first visit to Periodonta, our specialist dentists will conduct a general dental examination prelusively, checking the whole mouth and teeth in a holistic manner. After that, in accordance with the patients cosmetic concerns, a suitability check for the teeth whitening treatment is conducted, especially checking the condition of the gums and teeth. If the dentist decides that the patient is suitable for teeth whitening, the procedure will start right away. Getting your teeth whitening in Turkey has many advantages. To learn more, look at Advantages of Teeth Whitening in Turkey

As the first step, patient decides on a shade of white for their teeth to bleach. After deciding on the shade, a treatment will be made regarding how many sessions are needed to obtain the desired tone for the teeth. Of course, the number of sessions needed for the teeth whitening process varies with regard to the method it conducted, either the traditional method with trays filled with whitening material or relatively new method of laser teeth whitening. In laser teeth whitening a cosmetic dentist puts a cleaning gel on the patients teeth, then uses a laser to compose a chemical reaction with the gel. Laser teeth whitening is a quick and effective way for removing both organic and inorganic stains on the teeth, renovating the patients smile in less than an hour. After the completion of the treatment, the patient should follow the instructions of their dentist carefully, in order to preserve their new shade of teeth for a longer period.


Teeth whitening is a relatively affordable treatment when compared to the other procedures in the field of cosmetic dentistry. With a simple and effective procedure, the treatment can renovate the smile of a patient, enabling them to smile with confidence.

In order to explore your options for teeth whitening, you can virtually consult the cosmetic dentists at Periodonta and get an exact quote.