Smile Design


Getting Smile Design Treatment in Turkey

Being one of the most popular destinations amongst international patients who seek to receive better treatment, Turkey stands out with its advanced healthcare system, top-notch treatments and moderate pricing policy. As a part of this ecosystem, the Turkish dental sector provides world class treatments in any sub-field of dentistry, enabling the patients to achieve their desired results in a reliable and much affordable manner. Thus, every year the number of patients who prefer Turkey for dental treatments are increasing, making Turkey a hotspot for dental tourism.

Advantages of Smile Design Treatment in Turkey

There are a few fundamental reasons why every year thousands of patients from all over the globe visit Turkey to get dental design . Primarily, the Turkish dental sector has the capacity to offer more competitive prices than Europe and US, because of the reasons such as local currency crisis, low taxes and fees, lower costs of maintenance, high competition etc. Alongside the affordable prices, with its advanced dental network and specialist dentists, Turkish facilities offer high quality smile design treatments even in tight schedules, thus enabling patients to enhance their smiles by a few days of visit. Briefly, with the light of above stated reasons, getting smile design treatment in Turkey stands out as a reasonable option for the patients from all over the world, who wish to transform their smile.

What is Smile Design Treatment

To briefly describe, a smile design is utilization of a bulk of dental procedures to craft an aesthetically pleasant smile, tailored specifically for the patients wishes. Consisting of operations from various sub-fields of dentistry, ranging from cosmetic dentistry to orthodontics, a procedure of smile design approaches the mouth and face holistically to create the perfect smile for the patient. The procedure could involve a variety of dental treatments such as application of dental veneers and crowns, aesthetic gum alterations, teeth whitening, dental laminates, implants etc.

Also called as a Smile Makeover, a procedure of smile design restores the color of the teeth, fixes the overall dental symmetry and layout, moreover provides further aesthetic solutions for the teeth regarding the size, shape and crookedness. A successful smile makeover will enhance the patients oral health, confidence and attractiveness. The process is known to be costly, with patients asking is smile design worth it, but are almost always satisfied in the end


Due to the nature of the operation, a smile design is a tailor-made process, crafted specifically for the patients wishes, of course with regard to their overall oral health. In the first appointment, a cosmetic dentist will examine your mouth and teeth and listen to your expectations from the procedure. After collaboratively deciding on the features and the structure of your new smile, our specialists will use digital planning to efficiently visualize the expected results from the procedure. In the final phase of your planning process, your dentist will analyze your facial and oral features also, your suitability for the needed treatments. After digitally crafting your new smile, with regard to your oral and maxillofacial features and convenience, a variety of dental treatments will start in order to create the "perfect" smile. In a smile design procedure, mostly administered treatments are:

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a bleaching process to give the patient a shiny, brand-new smile. Teeth discoloration is relatively prevalent and can be caused by a variety of reasons from your eating and drinking habits to lack of oral care. After evaluating your face with a holistic approach, even considering aspects like your skin tone, shade and proportions of your lips and hair color, a cosmetic dentist will advise you a tone of white to bleach the teeth. Of course, the patient has the last word and still he or she can go with much whiter (or darker tones) for the treatment.

Teeth whitening procedures remove the stains on your teeth swiftly and effectively, without causing any harm on the surface of the tooth. Even though there are home care kits for teeth whitening; on the procedure of a smile makeover, it is generally conducted on the clinics by a specialist, to achieve perfect results without any harm or unwanted complications. Thus, as a result of a simple and quick process, the patient can achieve a whiter smile to exhibit without any fear.

Teeth Aligning

There are a range of orthodontic problems that could possibly restrain a patient from achieving a great smile. Most prevalent of those problems are crowded teeth on the mouth, crookedness and unwanted gaps between the teeth. Fortunately, all of those forementioned problems could be solved with orthodontic treatments. With the application of braces (removable or fixed depending on the severity of your situation), clear aligners, or the process of cosmetic teeth straightening, the overall layout of the teeth on the mouth can be corrected, thus enabling the patient to achieve her or his desired smile.

Solutions For Missing Teeth

As a part of the smile design treatment, our clinic offers patients implant treatments to restore their missing teeth and make it possible for them to leave our clinic with a full smile.
The implementation of the implant treatment may change from patient to patient, depending on their specific condition including their jawbone density and thickness, how many teeth they are missing and their specific preferences of material. Our team is highly experienced in dental implant treatments and will provide you with the best implant solution without you ever having to worry about complications or long term discomfort that may arise due to the implants. You can make sure you'll walk out from our clinic with a beautiful looking full smile if you wish to receive it as a part of the smile design treatment

Gum Sculpturing

Gum sculpting, also known as gum contouring is a process used to create a healthy and aesthetical gumline. The treatment is mostly used for cosmetic purposes but can also be used in order to help with treatments such as regenerative operations, crown treatments and pocket reduction. In the context of smile design, gum sculpting takes on a high degree of importance. Uneven or excessively short or long gums often cause aesthetical concern for patients, and as a part of the smile design treatment, our experienced team of dentists are ready to help patients through the process to enjoy a beautiful smile.

Shape Size

Shape of individual teeth may create both functional and cosmetic issues for patients. As a part of the smile design treatment, we offer patients individually tailored solutions to give their misshapen, long or short teeth an aesthetical look which will fit in with the rest of their teeth.

The process may include reshaping long the teeth, in which one of our dentists will carefully remove a portion of the tooths enamel to give it a natural length and size, tooth bonding, in which chipped or groovy teeth will be fitted with a material that will fill in the necessary spaces, restoring the tooths natural functionally and aesthetics.

Our clinic also offers dental crown treatments as a solution for more difficult cases, often for patients with short teeth. The process is undergone by first reshaping the tooth to a conical looking shape, then fitting a dental crown on it by using appropriate cementing material. Dental veneers may also be preferred by patients who have mild deformation or decoloring on their tooth or teeth, which doesn't create functional concerns but is aesthetically displeasant. The procedure is undergone by reshaping and placing the veneers on the anterior part of the patients tooth, producing an aesthetical look that is undiscernible from a real tooth from the outside.

Operations on the Lips and Cheeks

Our clinic offers cosmetic surgeries for lips and cheeks to accompany the patients smile design treatment. Despite being a rare choice for patients, our dental team is experienced in the field and will help patients through the process, tailoring the process to fit their aesthetical concerns, giving them the look they desire.