Is it safe to have dental implants in Turkey?

Dental Implants

Overview: Is it safe to have dental implants in Turkey?

Dental Implants are long-lasting and reliable options to replace a patients missing teeth, thus restoring their smile aesthetics and functionality of the mouth. Considered as a solid treatment option to rejuvenating a smile and maintaining the oral health and functionality, dental implant process needs a comprehensive and relatively long treatment process to complete. However, the aforementioned treatment process, required surgeries and cost of dental implants in Turkey might be challenging for the patients from the UK, USA and EU. Hereby, some patients choose Turkey to reduce the costs of a dental implant treatment. Instinctively, affordable prices of Turkish health facilities might raise some red flags for the patient regarding the overall safety and reliability of the treatment process. In this article, we will cover the topics regarding the safety and reliability of getting dental implants in Turkey, alongside with potential risks, benefits and the reasons for its popularity.

Deciding on getting dental implants is one thing, another important decision is where and how one should get the treatment. If you have decided on getting a dental implant treatment in Turkey but started having concerns about the safety and reliability issues, this article is written to guide you through the process.

Primarily, most of the Turkish surgeons use globally accredited implant brands on their treatments, completely same with the ones that are offered in Europe and America. Therefore, there isn't a reasonable base to concern regarding the material that has been used to operate on your mouth. Another reason which makes the patients concerned for undergoing a dental implant treatment in Turkey is the possible risks of the surgical operation and the quality of dental implants in Turkey. Qualifications of the surgeon and material reliability of the surgical facilities composes the foundation for these kinds of concerns. However given the quality and credibility of Turkish schools throughout the globe indicates that these concerns are not well reasoned. On the other hand, most of the dental facilities that operate in Turkey are equipped with the top-notch technology and materials, moreover their maintenance is periodically supervised by the Turkish Ministry of Health. Nevertheless, keep in mind that every dental implant surgery involves some health risks regardless of the location (mostly minor), but the probability of them occurring is about 2 percent, and can be easily treated following the operation. Lastly, almost all of the dental facilities and surgeons in Turkey are globally qualified and accredited, a patient can have their follow up sessions in their home country, in terms of an inconvenience or as a sole preference. To sum up, receiving a dental implant treatment in Turkey is considered as a safe and reliable option, and involves no more complication risks than the UK, USA and EU.

Potential Risks and Things You should Look out for

Although the issues regarding the safety are thoroughly explained in the last paragraph, there are some points that the patient should approach with caution, in order to get dental implant treatment safely.

1- Always ask for a certificate on Dental Implants

Some frauds are using counterfeit implants on the operations, in order to extend their profit margin. Usage of counterfeit implants is a serious issue and could compromise the safety of an implant operation. Always approach implants that are presented to you with utmost care and caution.

2- Inquire the clinic about their certificates

Every clinic in Turkey is required to be supervised and periodically inspected by the Turkish Ministry of Health, to guarantee the safety, quality and reliability of their treatments. Always inquire about their certificates, licenses and background. Clinics that are recently opened, situated on touristic locations and/or only serving foreign patients are some red flags that a patient should avoid in terms of their health and safety.

3- Google The Dentist's Name, his/her credentials

Dental implant operations are challenging and complicated, in order to ensure their safety they should be done by dentists who specialize in mouth and jaw surgery and/or implantology. The patient should check the dentist's credentials on globally accredited websites such as Google Scholar, MedPub and university websites to make sure they will be operated by an experienced specialist dentist.

Benefits of getting dental implants in Turkey safely

After covering the issues regarding the safety of getting turkey dental implant operations for foreign patients. It would be serviceable to introduce the benefits of getting dental implants in Turkey, safely.

Competitive pricing policy stands out as one of the most significant advantages of the dental implant procedures in Turkey. Primarily inner competition in the market, high demand for implants, depreciating local currency, low taxes and legal costs contribute to prices, thus enabling the patients from Europe and USA to have a top-notch treatment safely, and for much affordable prices.

Another benefit of getting dental implants in Turkey is availability. Because of the immense supply of surgeons and facilities, the entire procedure of receiving dental implants safely in Turkey, including all follow-up sessions and check-ups, will take approximately 6 months. Not more than three or four visits to the dentist is required, and the entire procedure can be completed in a single day, depending on the suitability of the patients jawbone.

The possibility of receiving a world class dental treatment, getting dental implants safely, and having a great holiday, might seem hard to believe. Being one of the most preferred touristic destinations in the world, Turkey offers a wide range of natural and cultural beauties, all is there for the patient to enjoy, while undergoing safe and reliable dental implant operations.

Why is getting dental implants in Turkey so popular?

The popularity of Turkey as a medical tourism destination keeps increasing day by day. There are a few reasons behind this popularity and why patients from all over the globe keep preferring Turkey for various medical procedures.

In the case of dental implants the main reasons are affordability, availability and flexibility, safety, quality and global accreditation of the procedures. Thus, Turkey offers world class dental implant treatments in a safe and reliable manner, almost half and one third of the price in Europe and USA. Because of the reasons stated above, both supply and demand for safe and top-notch implant treatments rapidly increases, providing the patients with various options and more competitive prices.