What to expect, Teeth Whitening in Turkey

Teeth Whitening

What is Teeth Whitening? To whom its applied and why?

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular treatments in the field of cosmetic dentistry, which provides a rapid, non-invasive, and cost-effective solution to improve one's smile. By definition, teeth whitening procedure involves the utilisation of some chemicals to bleach the outer structure of teeth, making it appear several shades lighter in the matter of minutes. Although cosmetic teeth whitening treatment can be applied to most of the patients, the treatment might not be appropriate for everyone. Its recommended for the patients who have healthy teeth and gums alongside with little or unrenovated teeth. Professional teeth whitening procedures, conducted by experienced cosmetic dentists at Periodonta, will help you establish and achieve confidence in one's smile by removing the stains that have accumulated over time. Thus enabling the patients to smile fearlessly, right after the completion of the procedure.

Why choose Turkey for teeth whitening?

Turkey is a popular destination for numerous aesthetic and cosmetic operations, under favour of its competent medical staff alongside with competitive pricing policy and other various advantages regarding teeth whitening. The treatment can be effectively completed in under an hour (regarding to the patients wants and needs it may take up to 2 hours) , giving you a brand new smile in a rapid and affordable manner. In sum, many people choose to get their teeth whitened during their visit in Turkey, considering the quality and the price of the service in tandem. You can get the full teeth whitening in turkey overview here if you wish to check it in higher detail.

A Quick Roadmap Teeth Whitening Procedure in Turkey

In Periodonta, the procedure functions in a smooth manner. After a general dental examination by our specialists, an expert cosmetic dentist will evaluate the patients suitability for the teeth whitening process. After thoroughly evaluating the patients situation, and his/her needs and expectations, a specialized treatment plan will be crafted by our dental staff. The procedure can start on the same day after the completion of aforementioned processes. In order to properly prepare the patient for the procedure, a general scaling and teeth cleaning will be practiced to remove any temporary surface stains, accumulated tartar and plaque. Initially, the dentist will apply a bleaching gel to the tooth enamel which contains a chemical named hydrogen peroxide, that removes the yellow/brown stains on the teeth and whitens it by several shades. A laser light might be utilized through this process to speed up/ intensify the chemical reaction thus paving the way for more satisfying results, this process is also called as laser teeth whitening. Once the process is complete and the gel has been removed the patient should notice the effects right away. It will take 1-3 days for the teeth to reach their optimal/desired shade. The process is usually painless, but to learn more, read does laser teeth whitening hurt

Costs of Teeth Whitening in Turkey

Costs of teeth whitening operations in Turkey vary between 000 to 000 dollars, depending on the type of teeth whitening and the pricing policy of your preferred dental care facility. Moreover, some pre-required operations like detailed teeth cleaning or some cavity fillings can be added to your medical bill separately. Nevertheless, the average price of the teeth whitening procedure in Turkey, costs significantly less than in the EU and the United States, thus making Turkey a considerable option for teeth whitening operations. To sum up, you can get a top-notch teeth whitening treatment at affordable costs, while enjoying your trip in Turkey! To learn more, read our post on the cost of having teeth whitening in Turkey.