Is smile Design worth It?

Smile Design


The question of whether or not smile design is worth getting is one of the biggest concerns of anyone thinking of getting a complete makeover of their smile, and is certainly a valid concern. There are a couple of different aspects that come to mind when considering whether or not your dental design treatment will be worth it. But first, lets go over what dental design treatment is

What is dental design treatment

Dental design treatment is a batch of procedures meant to create an aesthetic look for the patient who wishes to have an aesthetical makeover of their teeth. The procedures typically include teeth whitening, teeth bonding, dental veneers (as you can read more into it in Digital smile design: the essentials of veneers), alignment corrections of various sorts, gum contouring and operations on the lips and cheeks and more, which are selected accordingly with the patient's wants and needs.

Needless to say, the treatment is a favorite for people who wish to improve their dental looks and wish to have multiple operations for the most beautiful looking outcome. When considering whether to get it or not, there are a couple of things you might want to consider.


Dental design or smile design treatment costs vary more than any individual dental operation, mostly due to the variance in the amount of treatments the patient will have as a part of it. One can have almost all of the operations mentioned above as a part of their smile design treatment or may just want to go with two or three. Although it is impossible to get a clear picture on what the cost might be for the operation in its entirety, it usually comes out as quite expensive to those who wish to have it. You might want to contact us to get a clear picture on what your particular set of operations costs will be and make your decision accordingly. Price is usually the biggest downside of having a smile design treatment, as we have observed with our patients. To get a cheaper option for their smile design treatments, patients from all over the world are travelling to Turkey. Cost is only one of the advantages of smile design in Turkey. There are too many advantages to be listed here that we wrote a dedicated blog post on it.


Safety has stopped being a concern for dental patients with the advent of advanced dentistry equipment and practices led by the vast amount of scientific endeavor which went into it. All of the operations that are considered a part of smile design treatment have been tested and perfected with millions of patients having them without worry.

The only possible safety hazard nowadays has to do with inexperienced doctors, usage of the wrong materials and aftercare instructions not followed by the patient. If you have your smile design treatment done by an expert and follow the aftercare instructions, you can be sure that safety won't be an issue for your treatment. Turkey is also home to very high quality dental clinics that will give you the highest quality smile design treatments possible. To learn more, read quality of smile design treatment in Turkey


Among patients who've had smile design treatments, it is rare to come across one who feels that their operations haven't been worth it. Dental design treatment creates a vast difference in the aesthetics of your smile and people who were after it in the first place will most likely be quite happy with the outcomes. The difference smile design treatment will create is not minor in the least, so you can be sure that you won't be dissatisfied with the results


As it has been explained, the only possible downside of having a smile design treatment has to do with the cost of the operations. Given that you follow your doctor's instructions and choose an expert dentist in the first place, you will have a brand new smile which you will most likely be very happy with. If you are okay with the costs that may incur due to the treatment, you can be quite sure that your operation will be worth it.