Does Laser Teeth Whitening Hurt?

Teeth Whitening

Many individuals aspire to have a white smile like Hollywood stars. Nevertheless, only a few people realize that the enamel of the teeth is not naturally white and crystal clear. As the hardest tissue in the human body, the enamel possesses minuscule pores which, over time, get filled with color pigments. As a result, even with frequent and thorough dental cleaning, teeth will get discolored and coated with plaque over time.

There are several methods for whitening the enamel of teeth. Although not all of these treatments are effective or safe, laser teeth whitening stands out as a painless and reliable option.

There are several misunderstandings about treatments that attempt to whiten the enamel. This is not the case with laser teeth whitening. Irradiation is required so that hydrogen peroxide may reach its primary site of action without lingering on the tooth's surface layer. It doesn't have enough time to cause harm and instantly penetrates deep into the dentin, thus the enamel stays unharmed.

The softer tissue, the gingiva, can also be burned by hydrogen peroxide. To avoid such complications, a protective gel is applied to the gingiva which protects the oral mucosa.

Although laser tooth whitening is generally a safe procedure, people with sensitive teeth, on the other hand, should be cautious for any discomfort and/ or sensitivity. Before beginning the bleaching treatment, a visit with the dentist is recommended to assess the overall suitability of the treatment. The dentist will evaluate whether teeth whitening is possible, what the contraindications are, and what the probable outcomes are after a consultation and examination. If you have questions regarding whether tooth bleaching is painful or not, you can check the linked article.

If you have ongoing oral and dental problems, you should avoid the operation or at least have your medical treatment first and then take care of your smile's attractiveness and aesthetics. On the contrary, laser teeth whitening might be excruciatingly uncomfortable. As one of the most prevalent complications, sensitivity in your teeth might occur after the operation.

With the necessary precautions taken and the procedure implemented properly by a professional, laser teeth whitening should not hurt, nor cause any discomfort following the treatment. However, remodeling therapy is indicated to reverse any negative consequences following laser whitening. A specific substance is used by the dentist to reconstitute the tooth tissue and restore its natural composition and function. You can learn more about what you can expect from teeth whitening operations in turkey from the linked article

Laser teeth whitening is an effective and painless operation, when implemented by professionals. The longevity of the results is directly correlated with how you take care of your oral hygiene and your level of compliance to your dentists advice.