Dental Implant Aftercare Recommendations

Dental Implants

Unlike natural teeth, implant crowns are not susceptible to decay, are more aesthetic, and do not discolor. However, just like natural teeth, implants can be lost if they are not properly cared for or treated properly. This is something you should keen in mind when getting your dental implant operations done in turkey

In this article, we'll explore the rules for taking care of your mouth after implantation and placement of prosthetic restorations (crowns and bridges). We also talk about the importance of taking good care of your artificial teeth.

Why is it important to take care of your artificial teeth after implantation

If the oral cavity is not properly cared for, there is an increased risk of inflammation of the soft tissue around the implant - peri-implant mucositis. Untreated mucositis can lead to the more serious complication of peri-implantitis, bone resorption around the implant, and implant rejection.

How common are these complications? According to the University of Gothenburg, 50% of all implant patients developed peri-implantitis a few years after implant placement, of which 14.5% had serious complications, including building loss. This is also another reason to choose a good dentist and avoid bad implant brands. You might suffer from delayed pain after implants if you go completely against the guidelines. To learn more about it, read all about pain during and after implants.

How to care for dental implants immediately after surgery

Immediately after dental implant surgery and until the soft tissue has healed completely and the stitches have been removed, the following dental hygiene instructions should be followed:

• Avoid hot and cold, salty, sour and spicy drinks and foods;

• Do not brush the post-operative area on the day of surgery;

• Avoid hard foods;

• Try to chew food with the healthy side of the jaw.

• Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to brush your teeth.

• Starting on day 2, rinse your mouth with a saline solution every 2 hours and every time after meals.

• Rinse your mouth in the morning and at night before going to bed with a drugstore mouthwash.

After removal of the stitches, your oral care is reduced to the normal oral hygiene practices described in the next section.

Important: In the first 1-2 months after surgery, the titanium post is particularly vulnerable, so take all prescribed medications and follow your implantologist's recommendations.

Rules for implant treatment after crown placement

An implant crown is usually placed 3-6 months after complete osseointegration of the implanted post. After dental prosthesis, follow the following oral care recommendations:

• Brush and toothpaste at least twice a day. Rinse the mouth with water each time after meals.

• Use a low-abrasion toothpaste and a toothbrush with soft to medium bristles.Keep the use of whitening toothpaste to a minimum.

• Use dental floss or toothbrushes to clean the interdental spaces around implant crowns.Use a dental irrigator, as recommended by your dentist, for best results.

• Use a mouthwash to freshen breath and reduce the number of pathogenic bacteria.

• Brush thoroughly not only your teeth, but also the inside of your cheeks, tongue and gums.Massaging with gum improves blood circulation and reduces the risk of inflammation.

• Eat more fruits, vegetables and fiber-rich foods and reduce your intake of carbohydrates and simple sweets.Of course, metal-ceramic or zirconia crowns are not sensitive to what you eat, but diet does affect the acidity of your saliva and the condition of your natural teeth. And the longevity of an implant depends on it.

What else is important to remember

Rule 1: Have a check-up every six months with your implantologist. This will help the doctor assess the condition of the artificial tooth and detect problems at an early stage.

Rule 2: No matter how well you take care of your mouth, it is impossible to get rid of plaque and tartar completely. Therefore, have your teeth professionally cleaned once a year at the clinic where the implant was placed.