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All on 4 Dental Implants

Getting All on Four Implants in Turkey

Being one of the most popular destinations amongst international patients who seek to receive better treatment, Turkey stands out with its advanced healthcare system, top-notch treatments and moderate pricing policy. As a part of this ecosystem, the Turkish dental sector provides world class treatments in any sub-field of dentistry, enabling the patients to achieve their desired results in a reliable and much affordable manner. Thus, every year the number of patients who prefer Turkey for dental treatments are increasing, making Turkey a hotspot for dental tourism.

Advantages of All on Four Implants in Turkey

There are a few fundamental reasons why every year thousands of patients from all over the globe visit Turkey to get dental all on four implants. Primarily, the Turkish dental sector has the capacity to offer more competitive prices than Europe and US, because of the reasons such as local currency crisis, low taxes and fees, lower costs of maintenance, high competition etc. Alongside the affordable prices, with its advanced dental network and specialist dentists, Turkish facilities offer high quality dental treatments even in tight schedules, thus enabling patients to enhance their smiles by a few days of visit. Briefly, with the light of above stated reasons, getting all on four implants in Turkey stands out as a reasonable option for the patients from all over the world, who wish to transform their smile.

What are All on Four Implants

Having one or multiple missing teeth could affect a persons social presence, confidence, speech, shape of their face or even overall mood. Aforementioned problems become substantially aggravating when a person loses almost all of her/his natural teeth in the mouth. Nevertheless, in that case dental implants provide reliable and lost-lasting solutions for the missing teeth, restoring the overall aesthetics and functionality of the mouth at the same time. All on 4 implant treatment, (or in some cases All on 6, depending on the necessities of the patients mouth) provides an efficient and quick solution to replace the missing teeth on the mouth, utilizing the titanium implant screws as anchor points for the dental bridges to hold. Moreover, the whole procedure is completed in one day, (depending on the suitability of the patient) thus, All on 4 implant treatment provides a rapid and comfortable treatment process for the patient.

The framework of All on 4 Dental Implants are crafted for optimal efficiency, the goal is restoring the smile of the patient with a minimum amount of dental implants, hence the method provides utmost efficiency in terms of comfort, aesthetics, functionality and pricing. Also, while performing an All on 4 Dental Implant procedure the dental bridges are fitted in the same day, enabling an immediate restoration in the patients smile. When compared to the traditional dental implant procedures, the required amount of dental implants are usually more than four, furthermore if the mouth is unsuitable for the immediate installation of a dental bridge (or crowns) the timeframe of recovery and smile restoration takes much longer than the All on 4 procedures. By virtue of its specialized method, in an All on 4 procedure, the applied 4 implants in the mouth can support as much as 12+ teeth in the mouth. In the All on 4 method, first 2 implants are placed into the front side of the jawbone, vertically (90 degree angle) and the latter 2 is placed on the sides of the jaw with a tilt of 30 to 45 degrees to compose an optimal anchor for the dental bridges. As an advanced approach in modern dentistry, All on 4 Dental Implants paves the way for an immediate restoration of the mouth with fixed teeth, empowering the patients with a brand new smile in just a few hours.

Benefits of All on 4 Dental Implants

All on 4 procedure provides immediate results,

The whole structure of the All on 4 Dental Implants is composed of a single framework, thus the patient could acquire her/his dream smile in the matter of hours. Innovative method of All on 4 procedure, enables the placement of the temporary dental bridges on the same day. Even though their main purpose is serving as a substitute for the fixed teeth, temporary dental bridges can look and function just like the natural teeth, allowing the patient to resume her/his normal life with confidence and a brand new smile!

All on 4 Dental Implants require fewer visits and shorter procedures,

By the virtue of their innovative technique, All on 4 Dental Implants are applied in one visit. Furthermore, as mentioned previously their intrinsic structure enables the teeth to be fitted in one day, thus they require a much shorter procedure than the conventional method. When compared to the traditional dental implants, excluding the initial evaluation process, All on 4 dental implant procedures can be fully completed in the timeframe of days rather than months.

All on 4 Dental Implants are permanent and reliable solutions,

All on 4 implant procedures involve permanent installation of the titanium screws into the jawbone, to serve as reliable anchors for the dental bridges overhead. Hence the composed framework of teeth will function reliably and provide satisfactory aesthetics for the patient. In addition to them being reliable and comfortable, implant procedures are considered as permanent (fixed) solutions for your teeth, providing an extensive usage period that can last through decades.

The procedure is less invasive and do not require additional surgeries,

As the most commonly performed oral operations, bone grafting and sinus lifting is prevalently required during the conventional dental implant procedures. Aforementioned operations extends and range can vary depending on the situation of the jawbone, also prolonges the healing process substantially. In the All on 4 procedure, dental implants are placed into the spots on the jawbone where the bone is denser, hence eliminating the requirement for bone grafting and sinus lifting operations.

They are cost and time-effective, also have a reduced recovery process,

All on 4 dental implant procedures have some marginal advantages when compared to the conventional dental implant procedures and other alternatives for fixing missing teeth. Foremost, they are cost-effective, because the required number of implants to restore a jaw is 4, which is a relatively efficient number to restore 12 or more teeth. Additionally, the procedure takes significantly less time than the conventional alternatives, with a shorter recovery period which ensures the patient has a quick, smooth and stress-free treatment process. In conclusion, All on 4 implant procedure is an effective and reliable method, in terms of costs, time and comfort.


In your first visit to Periodonta, our specialists in implantology will examine your mouth, jaw and teeth and evaluate the suitability of the All on 4 procedure on your situation. This process will involve a dental tomographic scanning, X-Rays of your jaw, and consultations of specialists with different dental expertises (if needed). After the initial evaluation of your situation, if the implantologist approves that the All on 4 procedure is suitable for you, a treatment plan will be crafted in accordance with your schedule and preferences.

On the day of surgery, our implantologist will make the final checks and continue with the surgery. The procedure will commence, after the patient has been sedated with local anesthesia, or in some cases, general anesthesia. First and foremost, the surgeon will clear the remnants from the decayed or broken tooth structure and/or diseased gum tissue, clearing the path for incisions and placement of dental implants. After the remnant teeth and gum structures are removed, the surgeon will make tiny incisions on your gums, exposing the jawbone to place the dental implants. Subsequently, all 4 dental implants will be placed into the patients jawbone strategically, as mentioned above 2 implants on the front vertically (with a 90 degree angle) and 2 on the sides (rear) of the jawbone with a 30 to 45 degree angle. Once all the implants are inserted and stable, the surgeon will stitch the incisions and place the temporary teeth which will enable you to smile and eat confidence post-surgery.

In order for a proper recovery and avoiding any unwanted complications the patient must follow the doctors instructions for post-operative care. In general, during the recovery process having enough rest and avoiding pressure on the newly placed dental implants is a must. Gradually, implanted titanium screws will fuse with the bone and provide strong anchor points for the permanent dental bridges overhead.


When compared to the "traditional" dental implants (which are installed by conventional methods), All on 4 dental implant procedures cost significantly less, furthermore when considered together with the overall prices of the implants in Turkey the procedure costs considerably more affordable than its alternatives. Nevertheless, without a comprehensive dental evaluation it's relatively compelling to provide an exact quote. In order to inform the patients before their visit, Periodonta offers a brief 2 Minute Price Estimation Quiz alongside with free dental consultation from specialist dentists.