What to expect getting Clear Aligners in Turkey

Clear Aligners

What are clear aligners? To whom its applied and why?

Clear aligners have become a vastly preferred treatment for teeth alignment, as it provides a relatively non-invasive, cost-effective and aesthetic solution compared to the usage of braces. By definition, the clear aligner procedure involves the utilization of clear aligners to exert constant force on teeth in order to move them to a more natural position. Although the clear aligner treatment can be applied to most patients, the treatment might not be appropriate for everyone, especially those with TMJ disorders, previously installed implants or bridges as it might lead to further dental complications. It is recommended for patients who have healthy teeth and gums, as any issue relating to them may lead to other complications. Issues stated previously are recommended to be dealt with beforehand, so that the Invisalign treatment can be proceeded with. Professional clear aligner procedures, conducted by experienced dentists at Periodonta, will help establish and achieve confidence in one's smile and dental health by adjusting the position of teeth accordingly

Why choose Turkey for clear aligner treatment?

Turkey is a popular destination for numerous orthodontic operations, under the favor of its competent medical staff alongside with competitive pricing policy and other advantages regarding clear aligners in Turkey. The treatment can be effectively completed in under an hour (though regarding the patient's specific needs, it may take up to 2 hours), giving you the basis for your new smile in a very short amount of time. In sum, many people choose to get their clear aligners during their visit in Turkey, considering the quality of clear aligners in Turkey and the price of the service in tandem.

A Quick Roadmap Teeth Whitening Procedure in Turkey

In Periodonta, the procedure functions in a smooth manner. After a general dental examination by our specialists, an expert cosmetic dentist will evaluate the patients suitability for the clear aligner process. After thoroughly evaluating the patients situation, and his/her needs and expectations, a specialized treatment plan will be crafted by our dental staff. The dentist will provide the patient with a clear aligner which they will use for the duration of 5-7 weeks. It serves to exert constant pressure on the patients teeth in order to adjust the position of malaligned teeth. The clear aligner will be removed and the patient will be provided a new one once the 5-7 weeks are over, though in some cases multiple clear aligners can be provided at the same time for the convenience of the patient

Costs of Clear Aligners in Turkey

Costs of clear aligner operations in Turkey vary between 000 to 000 dollars, depending on the pricing policy of your preferred dental care facility. The average price of the clear aligner procedure in Turkey, costs significantly less than in the EU and the United States, making Turkey a considerable option for teeth whitening operations. To sum up, you can get a top-notch teeth clear aligner treatment in Turkey at affordable costs, while enjoying your trip!