Can you use Invisalign with Receding Gums

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Can you use invisalign with receding gums

The short answer to the question would be no, don't get clear aligner or invisalign in Turkey when you have gum recession in place. Invisalign causes permanent changes to the structure of your gums and might cause damage to it if it is done with gum recession. The reduced amount of gums on your mouth will be an obstacle for the shifting of teeth and might cause your teeth to shift in extremely unnatural ways. This will cause both a permanent bad aesthetic on your teeth and a dental health hazard for the longer run. It is unforeseeable what complications might happen if you go on with the treatment but it most probably won't end to your absolute benefit. Quality of clear aligners in Turkey are also an important point of consideration here. If you wish to get your clear aligners in Turkey, beware of the dental clinic you are going to be operated at.

As with every periodontal disease, gum recession by itself might cause inflammation, infection and open the way up to further damage. So even if no complications occur with the conjunction of the clear aligner/invisalign and receding gums, gum recession is a serious enough health problem on its own to require medical intervention.

Will invisalign cause gum recession

Gum recession is the recession of gums below where they are naturally supposed to stand. Although the usage of invisalign clear aligners which intend to move your teeth around your gum by design may lead to concerns of such a thing happening, no correlation has been shown between the usage of clear aligners and gum recession. You can freely use clear aligners without worrying about the possibility of gum recession. However if you have fillings you might want to consider if clear aligners will be the best fit for you. To learn more, read can fillings come out with clear aligners.

Can invisalign reverse gum recession

Invisalign cannot cure gum recession. Gum recession is an entirely separate disease on its own and should be treated as soon as possible. The usage of clear aligners will, if anything, make the situation more unhealthy as the underlying condition be complicated further by the clear aligners moving teeth around the receding gums