Can You Drink Tea After a Dental Implant Procedure?

Dental Implants

Can I drink tea after an implant surgery?

Dental implant surgery substitutes the root of the tooth with implant screws to compose the foundations for the artificial tooth to fit and restore the functionality of the missing tooth. Due to its nature, dental implant surgery includes incisions and stitches in a considerable amount and the patient will have to look out for these wounds neatly, in order to avoid any detrimental actions which can intercept the healing process. Because of the above mentioned reasons, the patient shouldn't eat or drink anything in the first two hours after the procedure.

Abstaining from any kind of food and drink is crucial in the first two hours in order for an adequate clot to form and stabilize on the wound, which is the initial stage of the healing process. After 2 hours, the patient can drink water and soft beverages, yet on condition that they are warm, not hot. Thus, it's safe for the patient to enjoy a warm cup of tea two hours after the dental implant surgery.

Any kind of hot beverages, including tea, and spicy foods should be avoided for the first two days to enable the mouth to recover and not to experience any postoperative trauma. Keep in mind that, these advices should be implemented with caution, and will not deprive the patient from participating in their daily routine.

How long Should I Avoid Drinking Tea after getting implants?

In the first two hours after the dental implant surgery the patient shouldn't eat or drink anything, including water for the enascent clot to stabilize. Consumption of tea and any other drinks must be avoided in the first two hours to not to detriment the initial recovery process. The patient can drink tea after two hours from their dental implant surgery, as long as the tea is at the ambient temperature. Otherwise, the safety of your dental implants in Turkey will be at risk

Abstaining from the hot/ cold beverages and spicy foods in the first two days is crucial for the healing process, because the wound from the surgery is still sensitive in the initial days of recovery. In order to enable the incision wounds to heal properly, the patient must avoid the consumption of hot beverages, including the traditional hot tea. To sum up, the patient can drink a warm tea just after two hours from the implant operation; however if the patient wishes to enjoy a hot cup of the, he or she needs to wait 48 hours.

I drank tea, what should I do?

The patient may experience unexpected bleeding by the consumption of hot beverages, such as tea, coffee etc. The initial reasonable course of action in this situation would be to terminate any further consumption. Then, placing a gauze patch on the bleeding area, and applying pressure by grinding teeth is recommended to stop the bleeding. The bleeding usually stops within half an hour. If the bleeding won't stop the patient should contact their dentist, immediately. One last word, if any kind of bleeding had occured in the mouth, the patient should avoid eating and drinking for another two hours.

How does it affect my healing process?

Eating or drinking hot foods and drinks will impair the healing process and might cause post operative trauma. Thus, consumption of hot tea, might cause bleeding on the wounds and detriment the healing process after the dental implant surgery. The emphasis regarding this situation is on how much the patient had drank the hot tea. Accidental few sips would barely affect the healing process, yet if the patient had drank a considerable amount, symptoms of post operative trauma might be observed, especially if the quality of your dental implants in Turkey was not top notch. Predominantly, most common consequences are bleeding and imparied process of healing in the mouth.