What to expect, Dental Crowns in Turkey

Dental Crowns

What are dental crowns, to whom it's applied and why

Dental crowns are one of the most popular treatments in the field of prosthetic dentistry, which provides a means of creating a. By definition, dental crown procedure involves the addition of a prosthetic tooth, or a "crown" on the top of the patient's shaved tooth or implant post . Although dental crown treatment can be applied to most patients, the treatment might not be appropriate for everyone. It's recommended for the patients who have a healthy jaw structure that they can handle the added crowns. Professional dental crown treatment, conducted by experienced dentists at Periodonta, will help establish and achieve confidence in one's smile by placing a dental crown of your preference, in both material and shape, enabling patients to smile fearlessly, right after the completion of the procedure.

Why choose Turkey for Dental Crowns

Turkey is a popular destination for numerous dental operations, under favor of its competent medical staff alongside with competitive pricing policy and other various advantages regarding dental crowns. The treatment can be effectively completed in 2 hours (regarding the patients wants and needs it may take up to 4 hours) , giving you a brand new smile in a rapid and affordable manner. In sum, many people choose to get their dental crowns during their visit in Turkey, considering the quality and the price of the service in tandem. For more, read Advantages of getting dental crowns in Turkey

A Quick Roadmap Dental Crown Procedure in Turkey

In Periodonta, dental crown operations function in a smooth manner. After a general dental examination by our specialists, an expert prosthetic dentist will evaluate the patient's suitability for the dental crown process.

After thoroughly evaluating the patient's situation, and his/her needs and expectations, a specialized treatment plan will be crafted by our dental staff. The procedure can start on the same day after the completion of aforementioned processes. In order to properly prepare the patient for the procedure, dentist either prepares the mouth by shaving the teeth on which the crown is going to be placed or prepares the implant post for the placement of the crown on top. The dentist may make incisions on the gum in order to create the appropriate room for the dental crown (If you wonder when gums will grow back after dental crowns, read the post). Dental crowns are prepared specifically for the patient, with either an analog or digital impression being taken beforehand, during the timespan in which patients are left with a temporary crown. The temporary crown is then removed during the patient's second visit to the dentist or after the said personal dental crowns are manufactured for the placement of the final crown. The permanent crown is placed on the teeth and set in place with cement specifically produced for the purpose. The patient should follow aftercare instructions provided by their dentist and they will be set to go with their new crowns they have had either to replace existing teeth or on top of implants.

Costs of Dental Crowns in Turkey

Costs of dental crown operations in Turkey vary between 000 to 000 dollars, depending on the type of crowns and the pricing policy of your preferred dental care facility. Moreover, some pre-required operations like detailed incision, temporary crown or fillings can be added to your medical bill separately. Nevertheless, dental crown procedure in Turkey costs significantly less than in the EU and the United States, thus making Turkey a considerable option for dental crown operations. To sum up, you can get top-notch dental crown treatments at affordable costs, while enjoying your trip in Turkey! To learn more, read our post on the cost of having dental crowns in Turkey.