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• Dental clinic of your trust in Istanbul

At Periodonta, we take pride in offering top-notch dental treatments at affordable costs.

Our passionate team of dental experts, comprised only of experienced doctors with PhDs and publishings in international journals, are ready to provide you with the best possible dental care in Turkey, Bakırköy with the help of our cutting edge dentistry technology at our 1200 square meter clinic.

• Our Story

Founded in 2014 as a private practice in İstanbul Bakırköy with the mission of providing high quality dental treatments by Çağdaş Çağlar Laçin, Periodonta has been active for a long while. The staff, loved by locals and eventually by İstanbul and all patients over the world, has become seasoned during these years of service and eventually decided to expand, providing its claim to the highest quality service to a larger audience, Periodonta has now moved into a two-story, 1200 square meter state-of-the-art dental clinic in the heart of Istanbul, ready to handle any customer that walks through to door, continuing to provide quality dental treatments with passion.

• Staff

As mentioned, our team is comprised of doctors with PhDs, publishings in highly respectable international journals. You can discover our team that we take pride in by clicking here, or simply scrolling down

• There for you at every step

We have employed an online consultation and diagnosis line, to readily inform you about your condition and the proper course of action free of any charges. Reach us!

• Online Quiz

In order to inform our patients about the estimated costs of their operations, we have designed a quiz here that can help patients learn about the affordability of Periodonta in under a minute!





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Multilingual Assistance

We provide multilingual translators for our patients consultation.

Modest Prices

Periodonta stands by keeping the customer first in every aspect of their visit, offering uncompromising quality at modest costs.


Our state of art dental lab is home to tomography devices for better treatments

Travel Plans


Our experienced staff will provide you with the most suitable travel plans to make the best of your journey! You can learn more about it here

Ministry of Health Approved

Approved by top-notch institutions such as the Turkish Ministry of Health and FDA

Expert Team

Our experienced team of dental specialists will handle every aspect of your treatment with care, escalating your oral health to the highest standarts.


We offer CAD/CAM tech to pinpoint the specific course of action to be taken during your treatment

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Why Choose Us?

Learn why Periodonta has been the clinic of choice among the vast number of patients travelling abroad for dental treatment

High Quality Dental Care at Modest Costs

At Periodonta, we take pride in offering top notch dental treatments at affordable costs.

Some of the primary concerns among those travelling to Turkey for dental operations is the overall cost and quality of the treatment. Turkish dental care is very affordable when compared to other countries, which might raise concern amongst patients regarding quality, especially keeping in mind that they are not locals of this country.

Being aware of this specific problem patients face, Periodonta offers top quality dental care at modest costs, catering to the needs of people who wish to undergo all kinds of dental operations while keeping their pockets in mind. It is our primary goal to provide affordable treatments to patients with the greatest quality possible, providing an excellent, lasting treatment for your needs.

At Periodonta, we take pride in offering the best dental service at very affordable costs. You won’t leave us dissatisfied.

Expert Team, Expert Operations

No service of great quality can be provided with a staff which isn’t proficient at their crafts.

We acknowledge and move in accordance with this principle, only working with an expert staff in order to provide our customers the best dental service possible. Our team is made up of dentists who are very qualified in their respective fields, capable of delivering the best treatment for your needs. Almost every member of our crew has a PHD in their particular field, making them specialists in their respective fields of operations and treatments.

With such a great team, we confidently assure you that the top-notch quality operation you receive will make your trip to Turkey worth your while.


Top notch technology for top notch treatments

Periodonta is equipped with cutting edge technology in order to deliver treatments of the highest standard to our patients. Our dental clinic is substantially innovative in terms of technology and devices. In Periodonta, we only use the latest technological equipment, namely tomographic scanning, CAD/ CAM technology, 3D treatment visualizing/ planning and digital smile design technology

We utilize such measures in every step of your treatment to plan and execute it with utmost accuracy, from beginning to end.


Don’t want to waste your time in İstanbul spending long hours just to get to a clinic?

Our dental clinic is located in Bakırköy, a very central location in İstanbul that can be reached with almost all means of public transportation. Location might be a concern for anyone travelling to İstanbul in order to receive dental treatment, as people do not want to waste most of their time simply getting to the clinic and back when they could’ve spent their time travelling and seeing İstanbul, visiting its touristic attractions and experiencing the sheer beauty of the city.

Our clinics location appeals to people who wish to receive dental treatment all over İstanbul, as It’s possible to reach our clinic within a small time frame anytime you wish to, leaving your time in the city in your hands.