Why are Dental Crowns cheap in Turkey

Dental Crowns

Patients can make significant savings with their dental crown operations by choosing Turkey as the location where they will get their dental crowns. Dental crown operations are relatively cheap in Turkey when compared to places like Australia, Western Europe and america. Most patients may wonder why that might be the case. They assume this might be due to the low effort given by doctors and the overall low quality of operations, however that is not the case for Turkey. Turkey's top clinics meet and even exceed international standards when it comes to the quality of their dental crown operations. The actual reasons for the lower prices in Turkey are as shown below:

Low cost of dental operations

This is the primary reason as to why dental care costs are very low in Turkey. The low cost of dental operations which include the price of dentistry and laboratory are extremely cheap compared to those of US and UK. Dental fees of dental crowns in Turkey are almost 60 percent lower than those you'd find in Europe or the US. So when you're getting your dental crown treatment in Turkey and notice your costs are extremely lower than those of most of the other countries, know that this is the main reason. There are lots more to be learned about your dental crown operation in Turkey. To learn more, read What to expect, Dental Crowns in Turkey

Currency Difference

Turkey's economy has unfortunately been trending lower and lower each year, making for a hard time for those living in the country. This however leads to the situation described above, with constantly falling fees spent on dentistry and lower overall cost reflected to the patients coming from countries with more valuable and stable currencies. As a foreigner, you're in an advantageous situation. You will be spending way less than you would've needed for the same operation in another country. The relative spending difference, as mentioned below is almost twofold and can even be threefold for different sorts of treatments.

Lower Third Party Fees

Third party fees are usually incurred due to different materials and services being ordered by third party laboratories and clinics. No clinic is enough in itself and will often turn to other clinics for doctors and laboratories for materials and equipment. This usually creates a large burden on the clinics behalf, inflating the cost sometimes two or threefold. This is still not a great issue in Turkey because since the economy is, as stated, trending downwards these costs still account to nothing when compared to what would've been the case in another country. Your dental crown's materials and equipment will cost much less, even when it comes from third party labs and clinics.

No Extra Costs Incurred

This is more of an issue with other countries than it is an advantage with Turkey, but still, the immense difference is still felt quite easily. When you're in Turkey, there will be no money spent towards insurance claims, assistants, equipment rental, diagnostic scans etc. In Turkey, the main focus is placed on the dental operation itself, and this makes the overall operation much less costly.